Secure Design

Using test questions designed by our in-house team or your own staff, leverage the database to randomly construct tests to guarantee that multiple users do not see the same content.

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Comprehensive proctoring

Advanced Artificial Intelligence, with the help of human proctors (when needed), analyze each test. Should an issue arise, a human proctor is called to examine the test session in question, analyzing dozens of data points and behaviors to weed out cheating.

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Artificial intelligence and data

Data collected daily helps refine the platform better detect rule breaking and identify suspicious behavior.

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Rigorous security protocols

ID Verification
ID verification

Test takers must show their Government-issued ID at the beginning of the test, which is analyzed by artificial intelligence (and human proctors) to guarantee authenticity.

Activity monitoring
Activity monitoring

Each test is rigorously monitored through usage of the webcam, microphone, and mouse/keyboard tracking to determine if test takers attempt to access external applications or plugins.

Event logging
Event logging

All activities of the user, including screenshots taken randomly during the test, are recorded on an Event Log for administrators to analyze and take action with their users as required.

Test rules

  • Must be alone in a quiet, well-lit room
  • Ears must be visible and uncovered
  • Face must be visible and unobscured
  • Don ' t perform any type of external communication
  • Don ' t look away from the screen
  • Don ' t leave the test window in your browser under any circumstances
  • No headphones that cover your ears
  • No outside materials including mobile devices, notes, or textbooks
  • Don ' t use writing materials or paper

Test requirements

You must have
  • Your passport, driver ' s license or government ID
  • A quiet, well-lit room
  • Ample time (based on the test)
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer
Test rules
  • A supported browser
  • A front-facing camera
  • A microphone
  • Speakers